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Jones Loflin and Todd Musig, the authors of Getting to It, deliver keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics.  They are pleased to announce a new keynote and workshop around the concepts of Getting to It.Why choose a Getting to It keynote or workshop?  Programs are impactful, results focused, interesting and entertaining.  All programs are customized to your group, your objectives and your length of time available.  Please contact us for more information, pricing and to check availability.

Keynote (45 minutes to 2 hours):

Get To It!  How to Accomplish the Important, Handle the Urgent, and Remove the Unnecessary

This keynote is a fast paced experience on the importance of getting to It, how to define It and understanding key strategies on how to accomplish It.  The program will be tailored to address, personal and/or organizational challenges associated with getting the most important things done. On the personal side, participants will learn:

  • The steps that can be taken to move from feeling overwhelmed with too much to do to that of accomplishment and satisfaction
  • Strategies for creating and maintaining good work/life balance
  • A methodology of how to accomplish your dreams along with all of the other "stuff" that seems to get in the way
  • How to get out of a rut and back on track in your personal and professional pursuits

On the organizational side, participants will learn:

  • How to define what is important and setting goals – as an organization, team and individual
  • Strategies for getting teams on the same page and focused on It
  • A results concentrated process for finishing It
  • A simple mindset that will move employees from "looking busy" to working with purpose

Workshop (Duration 3 to 6 Hours):

Making It Happen: Shifting from "Something Else" To The Important Things

Making It Happen has similar course objects to the keynote mentioned above.  But, with the extended amount of time, participants are able to “roll up their sleeves” and put the strategies into immediate practice.  Participants are instructed on the “why” and “how” but are then also asked to “do”. 

Workshop sections include:

  • Defining It
  • Creating a vision around It and getting yourself and others to believe in It
  • How to communicate around It
  • Developing a plan around It
  • Executing on It
  • Accomplishing and celebrating around It
  • Wrapping It up and determining what’s next?